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Bringing the island life to Birmingham

Tropicaleo serves fresh Puerto Rican food in a casual restaurant and bar

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Bar, Vegan & Paleo




4426 4th Ave S
Birmingham, AL 35222


Sunday - Thursday 11AM to 9PM
Friday - Saturday 11AM to 1AM


Download our Allergen & Special Diets Menu

Sandwiches and Jibaritos

Cubano $10
Pulled Pork + Provolone + Pickles + Mustard + House Sauce [jibarito - gf]
Tripleta $10
Chicken + Pork + Beef + Provolone + House Sauce [jibarito - gf]
Pollo $10
Chicken Breast + Provolone + House Sauce [jibarito - gf]
Pulled Pork $10
Pulled Pork + Sweet Guava BBQ [jibarito - gf]
Cheesesteak $10
Pulled Beef + Sautéed Onions & Peppers + Provolone [jibarito - gf]
Vegano $10
Grilled Eggplant + Spinach + Tomato + Fresh Hummus [v, jibarito - gf]
The Pretender $10
Breaded Vegan "Chicken Patty" + Avocado + Pineapple Slaw + Spinach + Aioli [v]

Small Plates

Loaded Platanutres $10
Plantain chips + pico + house sauce + choice of pork, chicken, or eggplant [gf, eggplant - v]
Sampler Plate $10
Choose 3 of any of the following small plates
Arroz Con Gandules $4
Rice with Green Pigeon Peas [gf, v]
Arroz y Habichuelas $4
White rice and red kidney beans [gf, v]
Tostones $4
Fried & seasoned green plantains [gf, v]
Amarillos $4
Fried sweet plantains [gf, v]
Platanutres $4
Fried plantain chips [gf, v]
Toast $4
Sweet Morovis Bread [v]
Avocado $2
Half an Avocado. Fresh! [gf, v]
Batata $4
fried yellow Japanese yams [gf, v]
Pineapple Slaw $4
[gf, v]
Small Salad $4
spinach, mandarins, seasonal berries, tamarind vinaigrette [gf, v]
Bruschettas $6
Garlic herb goat cheese + Tomato + Aioli + Balsamic Reduction
Empanadas $6
Two beef, chicken, guava & cheese or pizza turnovers
Alcapurrias $4
Green banana fritter filled with ground beef [gf]
Cheese Tostones $6
Tostones + Melted Provolone
Crostini $6
Honey goat cheese + Mixed berries + Balsamic Reduction
Sorullos $4
Sweet fried grit stick [gf, v]
Mofongo Balls $4
Green plantain “meatballs” [gf, v]
Avocado Toast $6
Tostones + avocado + fresh hummus + balsamic reduction [v]
Seasonal Small Plate $4

House Salad / $9 [gf]

Spinach, mandarins, mixed seasonal berries, tamarind vinaigrette, chicken breast

Main Dishes

Carne Frita $12
Fried pork with tostones [gf]
Chicharrones $12
Fried boneless chicken with tostones [gf]
Tropibowl $8
[gf, v option]
  • Choose one: Chicken, pulled pork, eggplant, or avocado
  • Choose one: Spinach or rice & beans
  • Choose one: House sauce, tamarind vinaigrette, or spicy vinaigrette
Canoitas $12
Entire fried sweet plantain stuffed with pork, eggplant, or chicken, and a side of rice and beans [gf, v option]
Mofongo $15
Traditional plantain dish made with mashed fried plantains. Comes with your choice of protein and rice. (Protein - choose from: pulled pork, chicken breast, grilled eggplant, fried pork, pulled beef steak; Rice - choose: rice & beans or rice & peas) [gf, v option]
Chuleta Kan Kan $20
Fried pork chop + belly + rib + skin with a small salad, rice, and pigeon peas [gf]


Fountain Drink $2
Coke products
Wholesome Soda $4
Local and organic, Ginger Ale or seasonal flavor
Black Coffee $3
Local Domestique Coffee
Caffe Con Leche $3.5
Local Domestique Coffee with milk
Moka Pot Espresso $3
Local Domestique Coffee
Organic Tea $3
Iced and mixed with a hint of organic honey
Natural Nectars $2
Guava, mango, pineapple, or peach (8 oz)
Malta $2
Limited availability
Coco Rico $2


Vanilla Flan $4
Vanilla Caramel Custard [gf]
Tembleque $4
Sweet coconut and cornstarch based delicacy [gf, v]
Guava Pastelillo $4
Guava Puff Pastry
Seasonal $4
Limited time offerings

Kids / $5 [gf option, v option]

Kids Meal
  • Choose one: Grilled cheese, chicken, or pork
  • Choose one: White rice or chips
  • Kids soft drink